JekerJazz started as a small-scale initiative in 1991, from Café Chriscus in Koestraat, and grew into a city-wide festival of live music in Maastricht’s cafés. The formula is simple: accessible concerts for everyone.

The approachable nature of JekerJazz makes it a much-loved musical pub crawl, in a rapidly changing city. Relaxation and being able to forget your worries for a while go hand in hand with support from and for local economy and catering entrepreneurs. The power of this local connection through cooperation, in which music plays a central role, is demonstrated by the success of the festival, which has existed for over 30 years.

In 2011, the JekerJazz Maastricht Foundation was established to ensure continuity of the city festival. That same year, a small-scale summer festival was organised for the first time in the Jeker Quarter in the weekend of 4 and 5 June, with live music on squares and terraces. Due to its great success, since then two festivals of its own have been organised each year, and other events in cooperation with colleagues from local or regional cultural organisations.

In 2012, the summer festival in June was expanded to include an art market in the Jeker Quarter, JekerJazz ART Live. Artists are given the opportunity to show their work to the public or work on a new painting or object on the spot. Again, local connection through involvement creates great connections with the local hospitality industry, the participating artists and musicians, and the visiting public.

The charm and success of both festivals are determined by a wide diversity of musical genres and styles and Burgundian hospitality where enjoyment and pleasure are paramount.

The JekerJazz Maastricht Foundation sees it as its task to guard and maintain the convivial atmosphere of its festivals, whereby the interests of all participating parties (catering establishments, musicians, artists and visitors) are represented proportionally.

Its casual atmosphere is known far beyond the city limits.



The JekerJazz Maastricht Foundation sees it as its task to make music and art accessible to all, in collaboration with musicians, artists and local (catering) businesses. Accessibility, involvement and bonding in Maastricht and its surroundings are core values, as is the need to represent the interests of all participating parties (entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and visitors) in a balanced way from an independent position.

The goals and activities of the foundation are realised by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, in which passion for music and a sense of humour are important ingredients.